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Site Planning done right
will help you with:
Residential Projects

Single family homes and multi-family developments

Commercial Projects

Business buildings, clinics,

parking lots

Floodplain Projects

Letter of Map Amendment and Letter of Map Revision based on Fill

Landscape Design

Schools, libraries, municipal centers


Residential site inspections

Yard Flooding

Solutions for the flooding issues


Fluenta Consulting specializes in a wide range of construction and drainage solutions for  residential, commercial and industrial projects around Illinois. We work laterally with our clients focusing on creating lasting industry relationships built on quality and trust. Our company is synonymous with detail oriented work and “on time” solutions that can be customized to any project. For all of your infrastructure drainage, roadway, site development and inspection needs, choose the civil engineering firm known for customer satisfaction and value. Choose Fluenta Consulting today.


Our Phone: 773-349-5881

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