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Residential Projects

Fluenta Consulting engineers specializes in residential projects such as single family homes and multi-family developments. We have experience in preparing drainage plans and grading plans for new homes, garages, home additions, swimming pools etc and can help owners, architects and general contractors with their civil engineering needs in every municipality in Northeastern Illinois.

Commercial Projects

Fluenta Consulting engineers work with construction companies on projects such as business buildings, clinics, parking lots etc. We have experience in preparing drainage plans and grading plans for local commercial development in Northeastern Illinois.

Floodplain Projects

Fluenta Consulting engineers help property owners with Elevation Certificates in order to provide reduced flood insurance rates. We prepare a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) and Letter of Map Revision based on Fill (LOMR-F) for FEMA in order to remove property from the floodplain.

Municipal Projects

Fluenta Consulting is ready to work on design for any Municipalities and Parks. We are equipped to work on water mains, roadway widening, public alleys, storm water detention, site grading, and erosion control plans.


Fluenta Consulting provides support for construction projects and ensure that our designs match construction. This ranges from residential site inspections, site grading, utility installation to leading minor remodeling to help solve flooding issues. Fluenta Consulting's services include grade staking and sewer layout, erosion control inspection, resident engineering, site inspections, daily reports.

Yard Flooding

Fluenta Consulting helps property owners, home inspectors and real estate agents that are experiencing yard flooding and basement flooding. We consult our clients and provide solutions for the flooding issues. First, we determine the problem, then design solutions and place design up for bidding with contractors. We have helped many homeowners that are experiencing problems with flooding .

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