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Fluenta Consulting-Service First

    Fluenta Consulting specializes in a wide range of construction and drainage solutions for  residential, commercial and industrial projects around Illinois. We work laterally with our clients focusing on creating lasting industry relationships built on quality and trust. Our company is synonymous with detail oriented work and “on time” solutions that can be customized to any project. For all of your infrastructure drainage, roadway, site development and inspection needs, choose the civil engineering firm known for customer satisfaction and value. Choose Fluenta Consulting today.

The Fluenta Consulting Mission

     Headquartered in Vernon Hills, IL and serving the needs of our customers throughout the Illinois anywhere quality workmanship is appreciated, Fluenta Consulting is an independently owned and operated civil engineering firm where every employee counts. Our goal is to deliver all three parts of great service- high quality, on time delivery and low cost. Fluenta Consulting offers a wide range of services for our customers including:

  • Residential Projects

  • Commercial Projects

  • Industrial Projects

  • Residential Land Development

  • Commercial Land Development

  • Municipal Engineering

  • Drainage Design

  • Bridge Inspections

  • Land Planning

  • Floodplain Analysis

  • FEMA Re-Mapping

  • Detention Design

  • Public Utility Design

  • CAD Modeling

  • Permitting


Why Choose Fluenta Consulting?

     Here at Fluenta Consulting, we value our partners and work hard to ensure their complete satisfaction. Before, during and after every project, we will be there to answer any questions and to provide them with the best service and support possible.

     Fluenta Consulting offers prices that are lower than those of our competitors and our clients can choose from a wide range of services by our experts to suit their needs and the needs of their project. Our ability to deliver projects in timely fashion and at a low rate is what often makes us the number one choice for architects, and general contractors. Our technicians and engineers are experienced and "battle tested", facing time constrains and deadlines.


Contact Fluenta Consulting

     To learn more about Fluenta Consulting or for a no-obligation consultation for your next project, contact us today and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have. Be sure to follow us on social media to become a part of the Fluenta Consulting online community throughout Illinois.

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